Welcome to the sandbox!

sandbox |ˈsan(d)ˌbäks| noun

Though I don't consider myself a child anymore, the sandbox is my place to play with new ideas. I've launched a few apps into production from their successful test runs in the sandbox.

You're welcome to check out what I'm working on below and give it a test run. If you encounter something that you think isn't working so well, send me an email with details of what went wrong. Or, if the project is open source, open an issue on that project's GitHub page.

Warning: Anything and everything in the sandbox is experimental and may change or disappear without warning or reason at any time!
I try to keep apps listed here available for testing and experimentation, but not everything will always work out. It's important to note that everything is temporary by nature and so may disappear at any moment.

What's being tested now


The successor to the KRLX Show Application System used for Spring Term 2016.

CBD 3.0

Originally born out of frustration with not knowing Carleton buildings' operating hours, CBD has now grown into an important information database for Carleton students. Time to update it!

It's live!! Check it out: sayleshill.xyz